Mohammed Cheded

PhD student

Research Interests

Welcome to the Evidence Factory: Story of a Body, a Pill, and a Market

The research has a two-fold objective: first, it aims to contribute to pharmaceutical marketing literature from a critical marketing perspective. Second, it aims to contribute to market studies literature by taking part in the current debate on the nature of the market, market’s discourses and ideology, materiality, accountability, and the role of marketing in performing markets.

The primary focus will be on making a contribution to market studies from a discursive perspective. Here, one methodological contribution that is being currently investigated is how discursive psychology could help us understand the way market devices are deployed by the different actors in the process of the construction of markets. As Whittle and Mueller put it: “(Discursive Psychology) DP does not view discourse as a purely individual phenomenon: it is intimately linked to the performance of wider roles, identities and institutions” (Whittle and Mueller, 2010, p. 428). As such, it is hoped that this current research project may add to the modest interest in the use of DP in organisation studies (Symon, 2005, 2008; Symon and Clegg, 2005; Fairhust, 2007; Whittle and Mueller, 2010; Whittle et al, 2013; Brown et al, 2010, 2012).

The project research design currently being developed has been influenced by prior work in the field of Discursive Psychology, most notably that undertaken by Edwards and Potter. In particular, toward the use of records and documents of interaction (rather than, say, material gathered from research interviews) (Potter, 2003). Edwards (2005) argues that this preference for naturally occurring data follows the foundational principle that discourse is action-oriented. In essence, the research aims to follow a pill, as a pharmaceutical product, from inception, through trials and testing, to final market. Along this journey the accounts of the myriad of actors involved both intimately and more distantly in the marketization of this product will be analysed.