Dr Peter Jacko


Research Overview

Peter Jacko is interested in the science of efficient management of complex business processes, systems, and networks. Much of his research work benefits from the interaction of mathematics, computer science, and economics. His publications contribute to areas such as operational research, performance evaluation, stochastic modelling, queueing theory, applied probability, and machine learning. These subjects provide foundation for the modern fields of business analytics and data science. His research is motivated by real-world problems in business decision-making, communications networks, and healthcare management.

Selected Publications Show all 27 publications

Scheduling of multi-class multi-server queueing systems with abandonments
Ayesta, U., Jacko, P., Novak, V. 11/11/2015 In: Journal of Scheduling.
Journal article

Maximal flow-level stability of best-rate schedulers in heterogeneous wireless systems
Jacko, P., Morozov, E., Potakhina, L., Verloop, I.M. 01/2017 In: Transactions on Emerging Telecommunications Technologies. 28, 1, 15 p.
Journal article

Generalized restless bandits and the knapsack problem for perishable inventories
Graczová, D., Jacko, P. 05/2014 In: Operations Research. 62, 3, p. 696-711. 16 p.
Journal article