Professor Robert Crouchley


Research Grants

1. JISC, (Sept 2011- May 2012), Lancaster University Business Outreach Services – LUBOSS, PI R. Crouchley, £25,000,

2. JISC, (Feb 2010-April 2011), E-Managed Business Relationships and Cohesive Environments- EMBRACE, PI R. Crouchley, £68,000,

3. JISC, (Sept 2009- April 2011) Collaborative Research in Business – CRIB, PI R Crouchley, £150,000.

4. JISC, (April 2006-April 2009), Awarded the ITT: e-Research Tools and Resources Interoperability Study, (eReSS), PI Ian Dolphin, Hull, £200,000.

5. EPSRC (May 2006-Nov 2008), Centre for e-Management and e-Science, PI R. Crouchley, £200,000.

6. ESRC, (2004-Nov 2008), Collaboratory for Quantitative e-Social Science, (CQeSS), PI R. Crouchley, £800,000.

7. JISC/ESRC, (2003-Aug 2008), Resource Discovery in e-Social Science, (ReDReSS), PI R. Crouchley, £300,000,

8. NWDA, NW-GRID (2004-Mar 2008), PI R.Blake, CCLRC Daresbury, £5.0M,

9. JISC, (2004-2007), Sakai VRE Portal Demonstrator, PI R. Crouchley, £300,000,

10. JISC, (2005-2007), GROWL: VRE Programming Toolkit & Applications, PI Mark Hayes Cambridge, £150,000,

11. JISC, (May 2006-Oct 2006), Awarded the ITT: JISC Information Environment Portal activity - supporting the needs of e-Research, PI R.J. Allan, CCLRC Daresbury, £30,000.

12. JISC, (April 2004-Dec 2004 ), Sakai Evaluation Exercise, £30,000, PI R. Crouchley,

13. ESRC, (2003-2005), An OGSA Component Based Approach to Middleware for Statistical Modelling, PI R. Crouchley, £100,000

14. ESRC (2003-2005): National Training and Support Service for Quantitative Social Science. Principal applicant D. Berridge, co applicants R. Crouchley, B Francis, M. Green, £220,000.

15. ESRC (2001-2004) A High Performance Computing facility for the Social Sciences and Management. Principal applicant R. Crouchley, co applicants S. Bradley (Economics), R. Eglese (Management Science), R. Flowerdew (Geography), G. Leech (Linguistics), T. McEnery (Linguistics), R. Penn (Sociology), P. Pope (Accounting and Finance), K. Soothill (Applied Social Science), £250,000.

16. ESRC (1998-2001) Assessing the consequences of ignoring dropout in panel surveys, Applicant R. Crouchley, £83,000.

17. ESRC (1997-1999) A test for the independence of the selected areas and labour market mobility in the BHPS data. Applicant R. Crouchley, £40000.

18. ESRC (1996-97) Quasi-markets in secondary education: an empirical analysis of the determinants of school performance and school size. Principal applicant J. Taylor, co applicants S. Bradley, R. Crouchley, Lancaster University, £30000.

19. ESRC (1993-1995) A study of self employment episodes in the careers of managers. Principal applicant Prof P. Abell (LSE), co-applicants R. Crouchley and Colin Mills (LSE), £20000.

20. ESRC (1993-1995) To test for the exogeneity of area in the SCELI data for a competing risk model of labour market mobility. Applicant R. Crouchley, £26980.

21. ESRC (1987-1991) Controlling for Omitted Effects in the Analysis of Longitudinal Data. Applicant R. Crouchley, £2000.

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  • Labour, Education and Health Economics