Dr Robert Read

Senior Lecturer

Current Research

1. The growth performance of small economies encompassing:

  • The economic theory of small economies;
  • Economic policy and growth in small economies;
  • FDI and its impacts on small economies;
  • Governance and economic performance in small economies.

This research has resulted in numerous publications in leading journals and monographs (see chapters in Handbook of Small States, 2018) - often in collaboration with Professor HW Armstrong - as well as work for The World Bank and other international organisations. Linkages & Flow-On Impacts of Foreign Investment in Pacific Island Economies (with Professor N Driffiedl), FIAS (The World Bank) 2005; Binding Growth Constraints in Small Island Economies: Evidence Focusing On the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (with HW Armstrong & N Picarelli), The World Bank, 2012.

2. The political economy of international trade and the regulatory role of the World Trade Organization.

  • Trade policy and economic growth;
  • Trade negeotiation;
  • Trade disputes and dispute settlement;
  • Process and prodiction methods (PPMs) in international trade;
  • The EU-US banana and steel trade disputes.

This research has resulted in numerous publications in journals and monographs, including: Trade Liberalisation & Competition & The World Trade Organization (edited with Chris Milner), Cheltenham,e: Edward Elgar, 2002; The WTO & the Regulation of International Trade: Recent Trade Disputes Between the EU & US (edited with Nick Perdikis) Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, 2005.

3. Foreign direct investment (FDI) and the multinational enterprise (MNE).

  • The determinants of foreign direct investment (FDI), with particualr reference to size of economy and governance.
  • The strategies and structures of multinational enterprises (MNEs), including trends in 'the global factory';
  • The impacts of FDI on host-countries, including direct and indirect linkage effects.

This research as been published widely in journals and monographs, notably chapters in International Business, edited by P.J. Buckley, P. Enderwick & A.R. Cross, Oxford UP 2018; Multinationals & World Trade: Vertical Integration & the Division of Labour in World Industries, edited by M.C. Casson et al., 1986; and The Growth of International Business, edited by M.C. Casson, 1983.

  • Economics Research Group
  • Political Economy and International Trade