The aim of this conference is to bring together researchers in different fields of finance and economics to discuss current issues in banking, financial stability, and financial regulation. We are inviting high quality submissions of both theoretical and empirical nature on micro- and macroeconomic aspects of financial intermediation. Topics include :

  • New approaches to bank regulation and financial stability
  • Micro and Macro-prudencial policies, access to credit, and financial stability
  • International spillover of bank regulations on credit availability and financial stability
  • The role of models in capital regulation: a need for reform?
  • Quantitative easing and the size and composition of central banks’ balance sheets
  • Information production and disclosure (e.g., stress tests, accounting statements) and its impact on market discipline and financial stability
  • Regulatory capture and the role of the banking industry in the political process
  • Regulatory competition across jurisdictions
  • Inequality and banking
  • Relationship lending and access to credit over the business cycle
  • International structure of the banking system on bank credit availability
  • Firms’ and households’ access to credit in emerging markets
  • The effect of corporate governance structures in financial institutions and markets on credit availability, bank risk taking and financial stability.


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