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Lesley Giles and Peter Honey speak at Work-based learning event

Peter Honey and Lesley Giles

17 November 2017

Visitors from all over the UK came to LUMS this week for the first Work-Based learning conference.

One of the key speakers was Lesley Giles, Director of the Work Foundation who discussed policy and the imperatives behind work-based learning and degree apprenticeships.

She was followed in the afternoon by Dr Peter Honey, renowned management trainer and developer with Alan Mumford of the Learning Styles Questionnaire, whose talk focussed on making use of theory to develop effective practice of learning in the workplace.

Delegates also took part in a workshop to help develop shared understanding of work-based learning, its practice and assessment.

The event, which was attended by 32 people, was described as extremely successful by organiser Dr Carolyn Downs. She added: “All delegates enjoyed the event and it provided an excellent opportunity for networking and knowledge sharing. We envisage that this will be the first of many Work-Based learning conferences.  Feedback was universally positive.”

Feedback comments from the attendees included:“Very useful in terms of seeing the bigger picture and the value of investing time to think and consider learning,” “Thought provoking and really good networking opportunity," and “A wonderful event, there is a much wider audience this could be shared with, please – more!”