Workshop Proceedings

Presentations from 2016 workshop are available for download below. Please consulate the full workshop programme for all abstracts and biographies of speakers who were presenting.

Day 1

1. Supply Chain Forecasting - (Discussant: K. Nikolopoulos) 

2. Temporal Aggregation (F. Petropoulos)

3. Supply Chain Risk Mitigation (A. Syntetos)

4. Cross-Sectional Aggregation (N. Kourentzes)

5. Forecasting Integration (R. Boute)

Day 2

6. Forecast Evaluation (Discussant: R. Fildes)

7. Advanced Forecasting Methods (N. Kourentzes)

  • Using Maintenance Plan in Spare Part Demand Forecasting and Inventory Control (S. Zhu, Erasmus University Rotterdam)
  • Clustering-based sales forecasting using data mining techniques and ELM for fast fashion operations (A. Pacheco Martins, ENSAIT)
  • Forecasting for Supply Chain Management with Artificial Neural Networks – a case study of Consumer Packaged Goods Manufacturer Beiersdorf AG (S.F. Crone, Lancaster University)

8. Forecast Uncertainty (J. Boylan)

9. Structural Models ( J.R. Trapero)