Lancaster University Management School alumni profiles

Read about what our graduates think of their time studying at LUMS, and how it has helped them in their careers.





Yacoob Bhaiyat

BSc Finance and Economics, 2016

Yacoob is currently working as an Analyst at EDF Trading.

Jiakang Hong

BA Management and Organisational Behaviour, 2016

Jiakang plans to start his own B2B product allocation business in China in the near future.

Ksenia Lebedeva

BSc Business Studies, 2016

Ksenia plans to continue her studies at Lancaster University on the MSc Management programme.

Naeem Desai

MSc Management, 2016

Naeem has accepted a position at Lidl UK on their Graduate Management Development Programme.

Zoe Furness

BSc Business Studies (Industry), 2016

Graduate Marketing Trainee, Johnson and Johnson

Harneet Dhaliwal

BBA Management (Study Abroad), 2016

Upon graduation, Harneet will move to London to start her role as a Strategy Consultant at KPMG.

Rachael Barrow

BA Management and Organisation, 2016

After graduation, Rachael will spend another year at LUMS studying MSc Human Resources and Knowledge Management.

Daisuke Nakayama

Full-time MBA, 2015

Daisuke now works in London for IIJ Ltd.

Jon Abbatt

Executive MBA, 2015

Jon is currently an associate director at ADAS and manages the environmental consultancy business as part of this larger group.

Sally Fleming

Executive MBA, 2015

Sally is a senior manager with considerable experience in SME leadership development.

Hoai Nguyen

MA Human Resources & Consulting, 2015

Hoai is currently working at Unilever in Vietnam as a Management Trainee.

Mark Johnson

Executive MBA, 2015

Mark is now working with BAE Systems as a Senior Project Manager.