Lancaster University Management School alumni profiles

Read about what our graduates think of their time studying at LUMS, and how it has helped them in their careers.





Khanor Runzi

Management MSc (2 Year European Triple Degree), 2016

Khanor Runzi shares his experience of the MSc Management 2 Year European Triple Degree.

Jessica Webb

BBA Management, 2016

After graduation, Jessica secured a Purchasing Graduate Trainee role with Rolls-Royce.

Diana Yerkanatova

BSc Marketing, 2016

After graduating from Lancaster, Diana went to work in Kazakhstan as an Assistant Media Planner at MindShare Media Agency.

Elina Ioannou

MSc Mechanical Engineering with Project Management, 2016

Elina is currently applying for employment opportunities in the UK.

Yucheng Wu

BSc Economics, 2016

Yucheng is currently studying MSc Political Economy and Political Science at the London School of Economics.

Sofia Guimaraes

BBA Management, 2016

Sofia has gone on to complete a Sales and Marketing Graduate Scheme at Danone.

Charlie Walker

BSc Business Studies, 2016

Charlie is currently undertaking a graduate job with Tesco in Distribution Management.

Angelika Kronen

BBA International Business Management, 2016

Angelika is continuing her studies at the University of York, where she will go on to do a postgraduate degree in Accounting and Financial Management.

Yacoob Bhaiyat

BSc Finance and Economics, 2016

Yacoob is currently working as an Analyst at EDF Trading.

Jiakang Hong

BA Management and Organisational Behaviour, 2016

Jiakang plans to start his own B2B product allocation business in China in the near future.

Ksenia Lebedeva

BSc Business Studies, 2016

Ksenia plans to continue her studies at Lancaster University on the MSc Management programme.

Naeem Desai

MSc Management, 2016

Naeem has accepted a position at Lidl UK on their Graduate Management Development Programme.