Entrepreneurship and innovation play a vital role in helping businesses of all sizes to find new sources of competitive advantage. In times of recession they can provide the very basis for survival.

This exciting Masters programme draws on the strengths of the School’s Institute for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development, and, through its strong focus on the practical application of theory, equips able business and non-business graduates with the knowledge and skills they will need to be more innovative and enterprising in their future careers.

Who is this for?

This programme is designed for graduates who are looking to gain specialist knowledge of entrepreneurship and innovation and the capacity to translate that into practical action.

You may perhaps have ambitions to set up your own business at some point in the future – or you may be looking to use your entrepreneurial skills in larger companies. What you learn on this MSc, and the skills you acquire, will also be very valuable to public-sector organisations and those in the not-for-profit sector.

Many of those joining the programme will have graduated in business or management or have a degree which includes a substantial component of those subjects. However, we also welcome applications from graduates from other disciplines who have experience in entrepreneurship, innovation or business.

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Working with entrepreneurs

Designed to provide a unique practical focus, the MSc gives students the opportunity to work closely with successful entrepreneurs in the local community.

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'I want to start my own business'

In this video students explain why they chose to take the degree, and why they are interested in starting their own businesses.