MSc Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Practice

This exciting Masters programme, through its strong focus on the practical application of theory, equips able business and non-business graduates with the knowledge and skills they will need to be more innovative and enterprising in their future careers.

Who is this programme for?

  • If you want to start your own business, work as an ‘intrapreneur’ and innovator in an existing company, take over a family business, or work in entrepreneurship and innovation-related fields (e.g., consulting, public support programmes), this is the right programme for you.
  • The programme is designed for both business graduates and graduates from other disciplines who wish to become entrepreneurs or entrepreneurial managers. Our students usually have diverse backgrounds – for instance, in journalism, psychology, engineering, pharmacy, hospitality and, of course, business.

Key benefits

The programme emphasises the combination of theoretical rigour and practical experience. It benefits from the academic excellence and broad business networks provided by the School’s Department of Entrepreneurship, Strategy and Innovation.

Exposure to new ideas, cutting-edge theory and new business models

  • Studying in the most research-intensive business school in the UK (Research Excellence Framework 2014), students can learn cutting-edge theory and models of entrepreneurship and innovation directly from leading professors in the field. Our students not only develop the knowledge and skills that are necessary to undertake a career in business, they also learn to think “out-of-the-box” in order to identify new business opportunities and develop innovative solutions in the contemporary business world.

“P” for Practice – Opportunities to test your ideas and skills in the real world of practice

  • The programme provides students with unique opportunities to apply theoretical knowledge in practice in order to develop and test their entrepreneurial skills and capabilities. The Practice element is integral to the modules taught and includes an innovation consultancy challenge to boost your creativity and test your ideas, an entrepreneurial challenge to fully engage in the process and lived experience of entrepreneurship, a case study lab to learn how to analyse and address complex business dilemmas and present solutions to an expert panel, and privileged access to master classes from global business leaders and innovators.
  • In partnership with the Entrepreneurs in Residence programme – a network of 50 owner-managers – our students are constantly exposed to the practice of entrepreneurship, offering many opportunities to test and foster new business ideas, and access to mentoring and career guidance from successful entrepreneurs during curricular and extra-curricular events. Our exceptional dedication and ability to helping improve links with and supporting the small business community have gained us the Small Business Charter Award.