Chloé Semwayo

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Placement: Ontolligent Solution Services

Chloé spent her placement year in South Africa working for Ontolligent Solution Services

I took a placement year because I wanted to learn more from different countries, in terms of how they do business. I saw it as the perfect opportunity for me to travel. I also saw it as an opportunity to explore my options in terms of what I would want to do once I have finished my degree.

In my role as Research Analyst I was required to assist the employer in a wide variety of tasks;. researching, writing reports, setting up meetings with partners and clients and following up. In addition, I was required to find solutions to problems brought by clients. I was also required to organise social events for the organisation collaborating with partners.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my placement experience. I have met and networked with a great deal of people from the various meetings and conferences I have attended and helped to facilitate. I have travelled a great deal throughout South Africa during my placement which I am grateful and cherish every moment. Contributing to major projects and being involved directly with other businesses as well Ontolligent has helped to enhance my skills. Also this has illustrated what I had learnt in University practically.

I liked being able to explore various solutions, having the freedom to network and having the opportunity to observe and contribute to the different stages of development and implementation of projects and businesses

Due to the success of various projects I have been involved with during my time in South Africa, I believe I have made numerous contacts that would be willing to take me on board in future. I am confident that I have demonstrated skills such as communicating, negotiating and organising skills during my placement.