Eliot Powell

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Managing Director, Powell Bateson Ltd

I am the MD of a Liverpool-based SME which employs approximately 40 people. We have grown the business three-fold since 2000 and have undertaken a management buy-out in addition to buying three other complementary businesses.

I realised that my skill-set would constrain the business in its next phase of growth and determined to return to learning to better equip myself for the challenges ahead.

I chose the Lancaster EMBA because it is work-specific, focuses on learning in action and the assignments/projects all have a direct impact by demanding a critical reflection upon complex individual problems in the work environment.

The course was manageable – just! Running a business at the same time required a considerable time investment but the course was so relevant to my needs that finding time was invariably a pleasure rather than a chore. The course content is logically structured, varied but always challenging. When you’re surrounded by a highly intelligent cohort and immensely able tutors it is very easy to be overawed in the early days. However, if you can harness the collective power of such minds, and embrace the security of a safe learning environment, you can learn more than you ever dreamed possible about yourself and others – and this then translates to increased confidence, knowledge and performance in the work environment.

Since completing the programme, I know that I am more reflective, more aware of my strengths and more confident that I can deliver to a high standard. I draw upon my learning experience, consciously or otherwise, most days in my role. Our current project to focus upon strategic expansion has been aided immeasurably by my learning experience and I would commend EMBA to everyone who would like to improve personally … with the inevitable health warning on time management for your existing job and family. Get their buy-in before you start!