Michelle Heath

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Senior Commercial Manager, Springfield Fuels

I am currently working as a Senior Commercial Manager for Springfields Fuels Ltd, a role I been promoted to since completion of the Lancaster EMBA. My first degree was a BSc in Combined Science, and as my career progressed I realised the benefit that an MBA could have on my career. I was working in a commercial environment but wanted to move into a more challenging role and really be an integral part of business development within the company.

I chose the Lancaster EMBA not only because of its reputation in the academic world but also because of the flexibility the course offered. Each module was delivered at Lancaster in a five-day block which allowed a focused period in a classroom environment without the distraction of work! We were then given a period of time in which to carry out further research and complete our assignments. The classroom teaching, as well as the smaller tutor groups which we were part of, meant that the opportunity was there to build relationships and establish contacts to help you through the teaching and assignment processes.

Balancing work, family life and the MBA work was not easy – and having a baby halfway through the course definitely added some challenges – but the more I put into the MBA, the easier the studying became, and the more I got out of it. The information and the teaching materials I received are very comprehensive and I still refer to them on a regular basis as part of my day-to-day job. Saying that though, some of the most valuable learning I gained was listening to the experience of other members of the group. This put the teaching into a real-life perspective which made things much easier to understand and put into context.

The MBA was definitely a challenging experience, but also very fulfilling. There were very high 'highs' and very low 'lows', but, no matter what, there was always support available, be that from colleagues or academic staff. The experience and the contacts I have made are invaluable and the skills I have gained are wholly transferable into my working environment. The MBA was a great experience for me. I learned a lot, made some new friends and got promoted! I still have lots to learn, but the MBA has given me skills and knowledge which I can draw upon as I experience new situations in the future.