Our Alumni

Portrait photograph of: Lisa Baumgartel

Lisa Baumgartel

MSc Marketing, 2018

Lisa is currently working as an Marketing Executive at Betbull.

Portrait photograph of: Marie Thenon

Marie Thenon

MSc Management , 2018

Marie is currently working at Lancaster Brewery as an Event Co-ordinator.

Portrait photograph of: Kelsey Robb

Kelsey Robb

BSc Marketing, 2018

Kelsey is currently working as an Associate Account Strategist for Google.

Portrait photograph of: Chris Eagle

Chris Eagle

BA Entrepreneurship (with Management), 2018

Chris is currently working in Enterprise Planning.

Portrait photograph of: Morgan Galand-Jones

Morgan Galand-Jones

MSc E-Business and Innovation, 2018

Morgan is currently working within Marketing Consultancy.

Portrait photograph of: Alice Hackett

Alice Hackett

BA Management & Entrepreneurship (Industry), 2018

Alice will be working as a E-commerce Executive at The Hut Group after her graduation.

Portrait photograph of: Ben Calvert

Ben Calvert

BA Management & Entrepreneurship (Industry), 2018

As part of his studies, Ben completed a placement with the Walt Disney Company which helped him develop key skills.

Portrait photograph of: Joanna Townsend

Joanna Townsend

BSc Accounting and Finance, 2018

Joanna will be working as a bookkeeper and copywriter after graduation, as well as raising her young family.

Portrait photograph of: Panagiotis Charos

Panagiotis Charos

BSc Economics (Study Abroad), 2018

Panagiotis completed a placement in Indiana, USA, as part of his BSc Economics degree which has helped him gained valuable skills for his future career.

Portrait photograph of: Dan Ghita

Dan Ghita

BBA Management, 2018

Dan has set up his own company, Velo Holidays.