Yu Wu

Country of origin: China

Studying MSc Accounting and Finance, Bath University

Lancaster University has a very good reputation, which encouraged me to pursue a degree here. Because of its very good reputation for accounting and finance, the Management School was strongly recommended to me by my college lecturers and tutors. Furthermore, I enjoy getting to know people from different countries and cultures. After finding out that Lancaster University has a high percentage of international students, and that these students were well treated, it became my first choice.

During my BSc in Finance, I noticed that Lancaster University Management School focused a lot on its students’ education. We were provided with excellent lecturers and tutors who have a lot of professional knowledge in the finance area and who are very nice to students. They are very willing to help solve students’ problems and to answer questions, as well as discuss up-to-date issues with them. From my degree, I have learnt a lot of useful financial theories as well as practical uses. I really liked the group work, which helped me to make lots of friends and to get to know a lot of different opinions from the other students.

During my university life, I joined a number of societies which included the Chinese Students and Scholars' Association (CSSA), Lancaster University Young Entrepreneurs Society, the Photographic Society and Lancaster University Volunteering Unit (LUVU). Lancaster University CSSA provided me with a lot of help on my first year. The seniors of the society gave us a lot of useful information and helped us to get used to life in a foreign country.

Lancaster University Young Entrepreneurs Society is the best society I have ever known and been involved in. The reason is that we founded and organised the 2008 Entrepreneurial Summit (UKES) event, bringing entrepreneur societies from the UK, France and Belgium together. Being involved in this event, I also experienced the excellent organising and management ability of our president as well as the committee members.

After graduating from Lancaster I decided to further my studies in accounting and finance by doing a Masters degree at the University of Bath.