Lancaster's flexible degree structure

Deciding which degree to take is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make, and you may feel a little nervous about committing yourself to a particular degree, particularly if it’s in a subject like accounting and finance, marketing or management science that you haven’t studied before.

At LUMS that decision need not feel so binding – the beauty of Lancaster's flexible degree structure is that it allows you to switch the focus of your degree as your interests evolve and as career opportunities develop.

We distinguish between Part I (your first year, which is a preparatory course, and does not count towards your final degree) and Part II, the subsequent years.

It is not until you have successfully completed your first year that you make your final selection of the degree scheme that you wish to study in Part II.

At this point you can choose from a wide range of degrees, regardless of the specific scheme you were admitted to study in Part I. Part II is where you then begin to study your chosen subject in more depth, including a selection of advanced options. It will normally be possible to take one or more options in other subjects. Given the School’s strengths in so many different areas of business and management, there is a wide range to choose from – and you will usually also have scope to include options from other parts of the University.

This flexibility has great potential benefits:

Increases your options

Why commit yourself to a single degree when you can keep your options open? When you select a Lancaster degree scheme on your UCAS form, you automatically gain access to a broad range of degree programmes.

Gives you time to make the right decision

Your preferred subject choice might sound great in principle but the reality could be different. What if you don’t like it? What if you’re not good at it? The last thing you want is to be stuck on the wrong degree scheme. By delaying the final decision on your preferred degree to the end of your first year, we ensure that you’ll know enough about the subject to make the right choice.

Offers greater flexibility as you grow in knowledge

What looks like a great career choice now might seem less attractive in a year’s time. Lancaster's flexible degree structure means that you retain the ability to switch the focus of your degree as you learn more about the direction you really want to go in.

The flexibility is not, of course, boundless – for example, some degrees have extra entry criteria, and some do have to be taken from the start of the first year. But for any student who completes the first year with satisfactory marks, there may be alternative paths to follow that are different to your original degree programme.