25 November 2013 12:33

Lancaster students were given a glimpse of the international opportunities on offer on their doorstep last month.

From language learning to overseas travel and work experience, Lancaster University Student Union has brought together the wealth of international activity at Lancaster to give students a flavor of all the available opportunities.

The World at Lancaster University, which was held on November 28 in the Great Hall, was the first event of its kind and included the LUSU Overseas launch event.

Mocktails and street food-style snacks were on offer along with Henna hand art, vintage photo booth and Chinese writing, as well as practical advice on current societies and overseas travel.

LUSU President Joel Pullan said: “Cultural awareness is becoming increasingly important throughout society, particularly for students who are equipping themselves with skills for an increasingly global market place.

“But international experience doesn’t always have to come from travel. Whether it’s making international friends here on campus or learning a new language, the impact of internationalizing your time at University can be huge. The benefits are immediate and it can help students show better international awareness as they progress into their careers.”

And for those who want to venture overseas, the LUSU Overseas Programme provides students with the chance to travel abroad in an affordable and safe group run by the University. This year the LUSU Overseas Programme will be travelling to China, Ghana, India and Malaysia.

Third year Geography student Olivia Scott travelled to China this summer with the LUSU Overseas Programme. She said: “I really enjoyed meeting the rural communities and going somewhere that was completely new, culturally. The experience has broadened my own personal horizons and has also helped me as I begin to look for jobs after my degree.”

Joel Pullan said: “The LUSU Overseas Programme is a once in a lifetime opportunity to engage with another culture, learning more about their country, society and way of life, giving our students a fantastic international experience which may shape their futures.”