19 July 2013 11:58

English language scholar David Crystal and Michelin starred chef Simon Rogan are among six high achievers to have been awarded honorary degrees at the graduation ceremonies in July.

The other four include Professors Alexander Andreev, Dame Sally Macintyre, Maurice Moloney and Helga Nowotny.

Professor David Crystal DLitt

David Crystal is acknowledged as the world’s best-known scholar of the English language, and is the author, co-author or editor of 120 books.  Awarded an OBE in 1995, he has numerous honours including Fellow of the British Academy.

He has advanced English linguistics by opening up new areas of research in clinical linguistics, forensic linguistics, English as a world language, language endangerment and death, ludic linguistics and internet linguistics.

Best known to the public through his radio and TV broadcasts, he has also contributed to the revitalization of historical studies of English, through such books as The Stories of English, and his publications on Shakespeare’s language. He also trained actors at the Globe Theatre to perform Shakespeare in the original pronunciation.

Professor Alexander Andreev

Alexander Andreev is a leading Russian theoretical physicist. He is a full member of the USSR Academy of Sciences, Director of the Kapiza Institute in Moscow, former Vice President of the Russian Academy of Sciences and a member of the Presidium of the Russian Pugwash Committee.

He was the last graduate student of the great Lev Landau and has many scientific firsts to his name. Best-known is his discovery of a new scattering process at normal-superconducting interfaces. Every condensed-matter physicist has heard of Andreev reflection and Andreev bound states. The outcome of the work of visitors to Lancaster University from the Kapiza Institute has led to a significant contribution to the new field of cosmological analogues of quantum fluid systems which is a currently important field.

Professor Dame Sally Macintyre DSc

Professor Macintyre is Director of the Institute of Health and Wellbeing at the University of Glasgow and Honorary Director of the Medical Research Council/CSO Social & Public Health Sciences Unit.

She was awarded an OBE for services to Medical Sociology in 1998, a CBE for services to Social Science in 2006, and a DBE for services to Science in 2011.

Professor Macintyre has devoted her career to research on socioeconomic and geographical inequalities in health, using data from individuals, households and areas to improve understanding of the significance of the social and physical environment for health.

She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh and of the Academy of Medical Sciences, an Honorary Fellow of the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine as well as a member of the MRC Council.

Professor Maurice Moloney DSc

Maurice Moloney is the Director and CEO of Rothamsted Research, the oldest crop-based research station in the world.  His research interests are in plant seed molecular biology and gene expression, using seeds to make recombinant proteins and novel oils. He is also a specialist in the mechanisms behind the regulation of subcellular targeting in cells – a subject of considerable medical significance.

He was previously a Professor at the University of Calgary where he created the company SemBioSys as a spinout from his lab.  Currently, the company uses plants to make human insulin and Apolipoprotein AI. The company’s plant-made insulin recently underwent phase I/II clinical trials in the UK.

He has published approximately 70 original research papers on plant molecular biology and biotechnology, and filed 15 patent families in the US and worldwide, resulting in over 260 issued patents and another 200+ pending.


Professor Helga Nowotny DSc

Helga Nowotny is Professor Emerita of Social Studies of Science, ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) and a founding member of the European Research Council, becoming President in 2010. She is a member of the University Council of the Ludwig Maximilians University Munich and member of many other international Advisory Boards and selection committees.

From 2005 – 2011 she was Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board of the University of Vienna. She is a Foreign member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and long standing member of the Academia Europaea and recipient of several prizes and awards, such as the J.D. Bernal Prize for her lifelong achievements in social studies of science.

Helga Nowotny has published more than 300 articles in scientific journals. Her latest book publications include Naked Genes, Reinventing the human in the molecular age, (with Giuseppe Testa), MIT Press, 2011, Insatiable Curiosity, Innovation in a Fragile Future, MIT Press, 2008, and Cultures of Technology and the Quest for Innovation (ed.), New York and London, 2006.


Simon Rogan LLD

Simon Rogan, patron and Michelin starred chef of L’Enclume, trained under the famous chef Marco Pierre White and is himself considered one of the finest chefs in the UK.In 2002, he took a gamble and established a restaurant in the small Cumbrian village of Cartmel where he quickly established a reputation for excellence and innovation, as well as a dedication to local produce and production and is now an ambassador for the north, appearing on programmes such as The Great British Menu.

L’Enclume is now considered one of the top five eating destinations in Europe and draws patrons from across the world. It was featured in 2012 in the BBC Two drama The Trip starring Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan on a restaurant journey around the North of England.

Jasper Gerard, writing in The Telegraph says that Simon Rogan “combines a technical virtuosity that would impress Heston Blumenthal with a passion for growing, and garrotting that would have Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall loading both barrels in jealousy.” He also poses the question: Is L’Enclume the greatest restaurant in the world”?

Simon Rogan has also founded Aulis, a think tank on food research which aims to bring forgotten ingredients back to the 21st century. It works with local farmers, chefs and other entrepreneurs, as well as providing an outreach programme to local schools and colleges.