31 October 2013 15:10

A new fitness company set up by a Lancaster University graduate aims to give people the feel-good factor with a combination of exercise and performance arts techniques.

Laura Daglish, Personal Trainer, Instructor and Creative Confidence Coach, 28, from Bowerham, is taking her six-years’ experience as a fitness instructor, in places such as Lancaster University’s Sports Centre, and adding her passion of the contemporary arts – Laura has a Masters degree from Lancaster University in Contemporary Arts Practice - to give people a truly unique body and mind workout.

“I am different from many personal trainers as I work on the mind and body to increase people’s confidence and self-esteem as well their fitness and well-being,” said Laura.

“All my classes, workshops and training sessions have a fusion of fitness and drama practices. For example, Pilates classes with drama visualizations and Personal Training sessions with fitness, nutrition and confidence boosting drama techniques to enable the client to feel good about themselves and help them achieve their goals.”

The former Our Lady’s Catholic College pupil’s workshops can include unique elements such as, filming her clients’ exercise techniques, body language and speech at the beginning of the sessions then again at the end of the session to show improvements after the workshop.

Laura, who has received guidance and financial support in setting up her business from Lancaster University’s Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Enterprise Centre and Research Enterprise Services, believes strongly in positive thinking and her sessions involve getting her clients to adopt a positive mind-set to enable them to achieve their fitness goals, as well as being able to use this approach in other aspects of their lives.

“I provide people with a toolkit of techniques and skills which promote confidence and healthy living for them to use not only during training sessions but also to take away to use in their day to day lives.

“I truly believe it is possible for people to achieve their goals, and I believe that I can help them to make these changes with my positive and enthusiastic attitude, by being tuned in to individuals’ needs and by working with the whole person, body and mind.”

Once a month Laura will be launching an online, week-long Vitality Week. These vitality weeks include a seven-day online pilates and vitality boosting programme, including pilates workouts, relaxation scripts, and a healthy eating plan, gearing people towards making healthier choices. Every month has a new seasonal theme along with new routines and relaxation scripts to develop the participants’ pilates, mind and body.

“Everyone should look after their mind and body as much as they can by taking regular enjoyable exercise, eating real seasonal foods and by working on their confidence and mind to help them feel good and therefore develop the full package of health and well-being,” said Laura.

“My work allows me to work in an area that I am incredibly passionate about and believe can help change people’s outlook on life.”

For more information visit www.lauradaglish.co.uk or email laura@lauradaglish.co.uk