4 November 2013 11:27

Lancaster has been ranked within the top ten for inner city vibrancy by a new report, which measures the effects of a young, affluent resident population on cities.

The inner city vibrancy report highlights key pockets of growth and regeneration mainly outside the South East. Lancaster is one of four non-London centres within the top ten.

Students have an important role to play in contributing to the economic success and vibrancy of our region. Last year Lancaster University put about £333 million into our local economy and local suppliers have benefitted from multi-million pound investments by the University in new buildings and services over the last ten years. The University’s work with over 5000 SMEs since 1999 has resulted in the creation of 250 new businesses and more than 4000 new jobs.

Students come from over 100 different countries which has a positive cultural impact and gives the historical and friendly city a cosmopolitan feel. The University also fosters a strong volunteering culture and many students volunteer their time to give back to the community and work in local schools and with older people.

The University hosts a thriving live arts scene for the campus, the city and the region with a wealth of UK and international artists of the highest calibre coming to Lancaster every year in public programmes of professional theatre, dance, exhibitions and concerts.

The report says “Young well-educated people, often professionals as well as student populations are driving this growing inner city vibrancy.”