11 December 2014 14:00

Writer Glen Duncan has been given an alumni award at the December graduation ceremonies.

Originally from Bolton, Glen Duncan graduated from Lancaster University in 1988 with a degree in Philosophy and the Arts.

After working as a bookseller in London for 4 years, he travelled across India and America before becoming a writer.

His first novel, Hope, was published in 1997, and has been followed by nine further novels, including bestseller I, Lucifer, which was shortlisted for the Geoffrey Faber Memorial Prize.

As a writer Glen is profoundly occupied by issues of moral responsibility and sees his principal themes as love and sex, death and memory, cruelty and forgiveness. He has explored these issues in a number of his novels: the war on terror in A Day And A Night And A Day; his Anglo-Indian heritage in The Bloodstone Papers;and through his works on the supernatural.

Glen was named one of Britain's 'twenty best young novelists' by the Times Literary Supplement in 2005.