16 September 2014 12:30

More than 4000 people poured onto campus on Saturday to take part in a Community Activities Day.

The all-ages event on Saturday wasdesigned to strengthen links with all sections of the regional community and to showcase research, teaching and facilities at Lancaster University.

The day was arranged as part of the University’s 50th anniversary celebrations.

With more than 100 activities lined up for visitors, from babies through to senior citizens, the ‘open doors’  event was the first of its kind of this magnitude on campus.

Vice-Chancellor Professor Mark E. Smith said afterwards: “A wonderful day was had by all – the campus was a hive of activity with people of all ages taking part in interactive events, debates and lectures, and enjoying live entertainment in the sunshine.

“We were particularly pleased to meet so many families from across the North West who were genuinely impressed by the diverse and intriguing things that happen here.

“This was the perfect platform for local people to learn more about our excellent teaching, research and facilities, and I’m delighted by the way the local community really embraced the opportunity to discover more about our great University.”

Activities, presented by all departments at the University right across campus, included talks, demonstrations, exhibitions and the opportunity to ‘have a go’ in many cases.

Alexandra Mounsey, the 50th anniversary programme manager, said: “The great thing was the warmth and genuine pleasure with which people came to the University on Saturday,” she said.

“Some people said they drove past the University every day without knowing much about what happened here. Others with long associations were just pleased to come back, see all the latest developments on campus and join in with all the activities.

“People travelled from all over the region to be with us which was gratifying and the overall feeling was there was something for everyone.”