20 May 2014 09:10

Lancaster University Management School (LUMS) is bringing its expertise in business education to London, with the delivery of some of its full time MBA modules at the Work Foundation. The split location of the MBA will increase the networking opportunities for MBA students who are looking to secure employment in the South East following graduation.

The Work Foundation became part of Lancaster University in 2010. Its premises, near St James’s Park and Westminster, include conference/teaching facilities and several meeting/break-out rooms, providing the University with an exclusive central London resource for the delivery of programmes.

Three elements of the MBA course will be based in London for the 2014/5 MBA: the accounting and finance module, the careers events and the Corporate Challenge. The rest of the MBA teaching will remain in Lancaster.

"We are looking to use our assets to everyone's best advantage," said Chris Saunders, Director of the Full Time MBA.

"Whilst the majority of MBA teaching will continue to be delivered at Lancaster University, a beautiful natural location for teaching elements such as the Mindful Manager, using our London location means that our students are learning finance in the heart of one the world’s most dynamic financial centres."

Teaching of the accounting and finance module will commence in London on 27 October 2014. Students will benefit from increased access to leading financial companies and individuals, through speaker events and site visits, as part of this element of the course. 

"The decision to run part of the Lancaster MBA at the Work Foundation in London is welcome on a number of fronts," commented Professor Geraint Johnes, Director of the Work Foundation.

"It will give students an experience of working in the global environment of the capital; it will also give them the opportunity to be involved with an organisation that has excellent links with many blue-chip companies and policy makers in government."

Additionally, LUMS is extending its careers offerings as part of its London move; instead of the current 2 days of careers fairs and events, Lancaster will be able to offer 4 days for the 2014/5 cohort. This emphasis on increasing employment opportunities for students is at the heart of the decision to bring the LUMS' MBA to the Work Foundation.

"The London location improves employment opportunities for both national and international students," said Chris. "The South East is the UK's recruitment hub and therefore our students will benefit from additional networking opportunities from a London location."

Chris added, "Many international companies have their UK offices in London so our international students have increased opportunities to develop relationships with relevant individuals at these companies before they complete their studies."

From June-September 2015 MBA students will spend the last two months of their course in London, completing the Corporate Challenge. Students will first study project management at the Work Foundation before entering into a London Corporation to gain first-hand experience senior-level strategic decision-making. Not only will the London location have a beneficial affect on the calibre of corporation students will gain their experience within, it is hoped that being in London at the end of the course will increase students' opportunities to network and gain employment in advance of completing their studies.