22 July 2014 11:25

Neil Cheesbrough has graduated from Lancaster University twice – in Law and now English.

He first did a degree in 1996 before becoming a solicitor but decided to switch careers in 2012.

Now he has gained a first class degree in English Literature and plans to become a teacher.

He celebrated his achievement with his wife, French lecturer Dr Charlotte Baker whom he met at Lancaster University during his first degree. They now have a daughter, Poppy, aged two-and-a-half.

Neil said: “As a mature student going back to do my second Lancaster degree, there was a lot of anxiety about starting student life again - would I be able to write essays again? Would I fit in with my fellow students?  Would I be able to keep up with the workload?"

But he found the tutors helpful and the other students very friendly.

“I have to say that looking back on my year, I had an amazing time, and have absolutely no regrets about making the change. I've made some fabulous friends on the course, and my fears about being an outsider were completely unjustified.”

He says his former legal colleagues are envious of his career change.

“I would recommend it to anyone, and former colleagues who see me now jealously tell me how they wish they had the nerve to make the change, having heard me say how good it is. 

“They get a regular reminder as I've continued to work part-time throughout my year, as well as balancing work and study with the very pleasant demands of family and in particular my daughter.  Family is always the number one priority, but with a supportive one you can accomplish the balance between academic life and home life easily.”