26 September 2014 14:57

The global head of cyber security of one of the world’s largest IT corporations has been awarded an honorary professorship at Lancaster University.

The global head of cyber security intelligence of one of the world’s largest IT and consulting service companies has been awarded an honorary professorship at Lancaster University.

Professor Nick Coleman, who is the Global Head of Cyber Security Intelligence Services at IBM, has been recognised by Lancaster University for his world-leading expertise in the cyber security sphere.

Professor Coleman commands an immense respect and recognition for his work on cyber security, in both academic and industry. He advises governments and business organisations around the world on risk management and security.

He was commissioned by the Cabinet Office to advise the Government on information assurance and to conduct the first independent review to assess whether the Government’s information and infrastructure was adequately protected against deliberate attack, disruption to services or loss of critical data.

His report, ‘The Coleman Report’, was published in the Houses of Parliament and is a highly influential piece of work on Information Assurance.

An alumnus of Lancaster University, he also holds an MBA from Manchester Business School.

As an Honorary Professor at Lancaster University, Professor Coleman will engage in a range of activities to add value to security research and teaching.

He said: “The focus of cyber security and Lancaster University’s approach bringing together the different parts of management, finance, psychology and computing to address cyber security challenges is exciting. I look forward to supporting this development.”

Professor Awais Rashid, director of the Security Lancaster research centre at Lancaster University, said: “A key ethos of our centre is to work closely with industry on both fundamental cyber security research challenges and the education and skills needed by the next generation of cyber security researchers and practitioners.

“Professor Coleman’s appointment will strongly contribute to this vision. His knowledge and experience of national and international industry and policy challenges will be invaluable to both staff and students within the centre.”

Professor Coleman is a Fellow of the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET), a Fellow of the British Computer Society (BCS), Chair of the Cyber Security Business Education Initiative, and an appointed member of the Permanent Stakeholders of the EU Cyber Security Agency (ENISA)

More information about Security Lancaster is available by visiting http://www.security-centre.lancs.ac.uk/