15 May 2014 12:16

Redbananallama, a pioneering group of Lancaster artists, are planning a night out like no other and want more people to join them.

The Social Enterprise is one of the first groups at The Dukes to be part of the Make Project supported by Lancaster University. This cultural partnership aims to develop arts, education and learning in Lancaster and to invest in, enrich and sustain the city’s cultural life.

The group meet weekly in Lancaster to organise inclusive, fun and friendly club nights run by and for people with disabilities.

“We’re entrepeneurs,” said Claire, 37, a group member and drama graduate.

“We hope to organise a night out that’s different from any other. The first theme is Cowboys and Aliens but we have other themes planned for later in the year, including a Winter Ball.”

The first club night will be at DT3, one of The Dukes venues in Moor Lane, on June 26, but the plan is to move the events to other pubs and clubs in the city and possibly to Preston too.

As well as organising club nights, Redbananallama also gives people an insight into how the arts work and how they can explore their own creativity in a social environment.

The events emerge from the talents of the people in the group, so Katie will be leading the line dancing as she is the expert in this area.

The group’s resident artist Josie, who has autism, has done all the artwork for the promotions and will be drawing portraits on the night.

Group member Karl will be composing original music for the chill-out room and playing live on the night and there’s a cocktail waiter practising his skills for the event.

Redbananallama want the night to be cool, funky and beautiful but also to be ‘owned’ by the people who come to it. They will be offering a ‘touch tour’ for sensory impaired customers before the night starts and some staff are British Sign Language users.  People can contact the group to discuss their needs.

The group is open to anyone aged over 21 with disabilities and meets every Thursday from 10am-3pm. Each session costs £10 though concessions can be considered. For more information about joining Redbananallama, contact Paul Adams on 01524 598521 or email him at padams@dukes-lancaster.org