3 July 2015 09:31

The global market for eco-industries has been estimated at roughly €1.15 trillion.

With new environmental regulations, increasing prices for traditional energy resources and changing market demands, this figure is set to double with the average estimate for 2020 being around €2 trillion a year.

The ENVISION workshop and networking lunch at Lancaster University on 9 July 2015 is inviting business and enterprise from the UK and Europe to find out how research partnerships can help them better exploit this market.

ENVISION brings together six of the UK’s top institutions for environmental research under one single consortium. Collectively, these institutions represent 500+ research staff and over £60 million of infrastructure investment in the last 10 years.

ENVISION connects world leading UK researchers working on environmental challenges with industry and NGOs to ensure that the next generation of environmental scientists can meet the changing needs of business in the move towards a low carbon, sustainable and profitable economy.

Essentially, ENVISION ensures that knowledge created within universities and research institutes have real-life application both now and in the future.

Over 2,500 businesses have developed R&D solutions to support sustainable economic growth with the help of the ENVISION consortium. Through a series of case study presentations, a panel debate and roundtable discussions, this workshop will bring together 50-60 industry practitioners in environment, energy, food, water and waste to discuss and learn how:

  • Businesses can access cutting-edge R&D innovation, expertise, skills and finance
  • Eco-innovation benefits business
  • Collaborating with universities and research institutions can open new markets and increase performance

To register go to: http://www.envision-dtp.org/grow_to_greatness/