16 July 2015 11:29

‘The Student Journey’ at Lancaster University has been captured in a novel New York subway-style map as part of a project to further enhance student life.

The landscape ‘visualisation’ created by PhD student Hayley Alter is the result of a 16-month-long project which included focus groups with students, academics and professional staff.

The map was on show at Graduation Ceremonies to capture additional feedback.

“We wanted to be even more efficient, effective and customer-focused and see if what we are doing adds real value,” says Head of Strategic Development for Student Services Claire Povah.

“Customer journey mapping is nothing new but we have developed innovative ways of collating and presenting the data and we have placed the student firmly at the heart of the journey.”

The project has resulted, so far, in revisions to the campus map, new way marking, Wi-Fi connectivity and improved cross-functional working.