23 March 2016 21:02

Leading players in the robotics and autonomous systems industries have visited a special conference highlighting the latest robotic technology.

The two-day Intelligent Robotic and Autonomous Systems conference (IRAS2016) was organised by academics in Lancaster University’s Engineering department and the university’s School of Computing and Communications.

Professor Plamen Angelov, Chair in Intelligent Systems and lead of the Intelligent Systems Research within Lancaster University’s School of Computing and Communications, who organised and chaired the conference, said: “Autonomous and Robotic Systems are recognised by Government as one of the eight ‘Big Topics’ of future investment, research and innovation.

“Our close links with key regional industries, and other stakeholders, provide the potential to make a difference and build upon our excellence in research, teaching and educating young and bright students, and become one of the focal points for the future developments in robotics and intelligent systems regionally and nationally as well as internationally.”

Dr Steve Monk, lecturer in Engineering and co-organiser, said: “The conference gave us an opportunity to showcase some of the leading research in the field of robotics that is being done here in Lancaster. It also gave an opportunity for discussions between industry and academia and to show that Lancaster, and the North West region, can be a leading player in robotics.”

The conference included demonstrations of robotic technology, which can be used for a range of uses such as search and rescue and traffic monitoring, as well as nuclear decommissioning.

As well as attracting delegates from universities, the conference also attracted representatives of industry and government.

Lancaster University has a solid track record of research in the area of robotics as well as related intelligent systems, including several multimillion projects, such as ASTRAEA, GAMMA and close links with local industry, Sellafield and beyond.

More information about Lancaster University’s Engineering department is available by visiting http://www.lancaster.ac.uk/engineering/

Information about Lancaster University’s School of Computing and Communications can be found by visiting http://www.lancaster.ac.uk/scc/