1 November 2017 10:42

Lancaster researchers are working with colleagues in South East Asia to develop research addressing the needs of ‘cities of the future’.

Between 2 - 4 November 2017, 25 researchers and support staff from Lancaster will attend a three-day event at Sunway University in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to spark international collaborations capable of tackling some of the world’s most pressing problems.

Sunway University and Lancaster University established an academic partnership in 2006. Students at Sunway are able to study for undergraduate degree validated by Lancaster University, and Sunway is now growing its research base.

The intensive networking opportunity is the latest in a series of international research collaboration events arranged by Lancaster University. It will focus on topics relating to:

  • Water, energy and the environment
  • Land use and agricultural innovations
  • Urban living and planning
  • Health
  • Data
  • Design innovation

Professor Harry Hoster, Professor of Physical Chemistry and Director of Energy Lancaster Research Centre said: “Sunway University is more than just a convenient venue: located in the midst of the Sunway City, recently awarded with the Low Carbon City Award, it is a beacon to demonstrate the potentials of rolling out high-end infrastructure via private-public partnership. This means fuel for thought for our networking event, which will bring together researchers from Lancaster, Sunway, and other institutions in South East Asia. We expect new lasting collaborations and new potential solutions to our shared global challenges.”

Professor Nick Dunn, Executive Director of ImaginationLancaster, said: “Sunway University is a young, ambitious university and is prioritising the development of its research profile and this event will help bring Lancaster researchers into direct contact with their colleagues in the region, sparking new ideas and collaborations. This initiative is part of a broader university mission to build strong international partnerships which are necessary to take on global problems.”

Dr Mandy Dillon, Senior Research Development Manager Lancaster University Research support Office, helped arrange the event. She said: “A growing world population - coupled with rapid urbanisation  - presents a series of challenges for sustainable development. Both Lancaster and Sunway Universities have strong interests in this field.

Lancaster’s extensive research interests in cities range from health and wellbeing to environment and technology. Sunway is a great example of a smart city in itself and shares a research interest in this theme with Lancaster along with urban health and the development of sustainable communities.”

Delegates attending the event will be invited to explore shared research interests and work up research proposals which contribute directly to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Funding in the form of a series of small grants will be provided to enable these projects to develop in their early stages.