Language and Literacy

Language and Literacy

We are interested in language and literacy at multiple levels from phonemes to paragraphs, and beyond.

Group Leader

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Our research advances understanding of a broad range of topics encompassing: mental representations of written and spoken language; language and literacy development across the lifespan from preschool through to older adults; the causes of reading and communication difficulties; the effects of different writing systems on reading development; and the cognitive resources that underpin language processing. We study our research questions in different ways including offline and online behavioural methods (e.g., eye tracking, reading times), neuroscientific methods (e.g., ERPs), and computational modelling. Our work is incorporated in two ESRC Research Centres: The ESRC International Centre for Language and Communicative Development and the Centre for Corpus Analysis in the Social Sciences.

For further information, please contact Professor Padraic Monaghan.