Semiconductor nanostructures and quantum devices

Our research interests principally involve the self-assembled and site-controlled epitaxial growth of new semiconductor nanostructures and their application in quantum devices using droplet epitaxy of quantum dots, nanowires and graphene-like 2D materials.

We are an experimental group concerned with the design and fabrication of novel devices including: mid-infrared LEDs, GaSb and InSb quantum dot lasers for telecommunications and remote gas sensing; interface misfit epitaxy of low noise nBn photodetectors for focal plane arrays and thermal imaging; solar cells and thermo-photovoltaic devices for renewable energy generation. Our research involves fundamental studies of quantum phenomena including; spectroscopy of GaSb quantum dots in high magnetic fields, the hydrogenation of semiconductors as well as materials such as dilute nitrides for single photon sources and materials with atomically abrupt interfaces on GaAs and silicon substrates.

Our research in quantum device applications is carried out in collaboration with industry partners including: IQE, CST, Amethyst, SELEX, Oclaro, Oxley Ltd. and others as well as academic groups worldwide. 

Theme contacts

  • Professor Tony Krier
  • Dr Manus Hayne
  • Dr Andrew Marshall
  • Dr Qiandong Zhuang