Our Colleges

Lancaster is proud to be one of only a handful of UK universities to have a collegiate system. We have nine colleges in total, eight for undergraduate students and one for postgraduate students.


Each and every one of our students is assigned to a specific college upon starting study at Lancaster. Colleges are independent to a student's field of study, making for a lively, welcoming and diverse community where it's easy to make new friends with students of many nationalities.

Your college isn't just about which halls of residence you'll be staying in though - each college has its own distinctive character, community and support network and all boast small close-knit communities in which students live and work for the duration of their studies at Lancaster, providing a friendly, safe and secure environment for all students. All colleges have strong focuses on both social and sporting activities and organise regular college trips and excursions, as well as taking part in inter-college competitions and sports leagues too.

Moreover, every undergraduate student is assigned to a College Advisor who provides support though several meetings held across each year of study. Our colleges also offer facilities for students who live off-campus and provide a range of facilities including Wi-Fi enabled social spaces, games rooms and bars - and each college also boasts a welcoming Junior Common Room which gives members the opportunity to take on leadership roles within the college community. Safety and security for students is provided through a dedicated 24-hour team of college porters.

The colleges aren't solely for students either; all members of staff are college members too and many are actively involved in collegiate life.

Speak to any Lancaster graduate and it's likely that, before they ask you what you're studying, they'll ask you which college you're part of.

Enjoy Lancaster and enjoy being a member of your College.Professor Amanda Chetwynd

Professor Amanda Chetwynd
Provost for Student Experience, Colleges and the Library