What Will You Study

Flexibility is built into all degree programmes at Lancaster. Specifically, this means that our nine single-honours degrees share a common core for the first two years, thus building foundations for further study in each of the disciplines of algebra, analysis, probability and statistics. In the second year, you choose to complete either a three year BSc Hons, or a four year MSci, specialising in either pure mathematics or statistics, or taking a combination of the two.

Problem solving skills lie at the heart of mathematics. From your first week, you will take part in regular classes to develop problem solving and teamwork skills, ensuring that you are a highly competent graduate valued by employers.

Our degrees include training in report writing, mathematical computing and presentation skills, all of which come together in a group project at the beginning of the third year. In addition, final year MSci students write a substantial dissertation in either pure mathematics or statistics under the supervision of a member of staff who is an active researcher. There is also the option of writing this dissertation as part of a collaborative project with industry.

The degrees in Statistics and in Mathematics with Statistics will grant you accreditation to Graduate Statistician status of the Royal Statistical Society and exemption from the probability and statistics exam of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, subject to satisfactory academic performance.