Lancaster Library

Academic Standards and Quality


  • Vision

    Quality Assurance for Quality Enhancement (QA-4-QE)

  • Mission

    To work in partnership with academic and professional service colleagues to ensure the University can confidently demonstrate and continuously enhance the quality and standards of its teaching and learning activities, wherever they take place.

  • Objectives

    We will do this through:

    • Building effective relationships based on contextualised understanding of the academic endeavour;

    • Engaging with students, University colleagues and partners to enhance the quality of the student learning experience;

    • Supporting staff to ensure internal and external professional, statutory and regulatory standards are met and maintained; and

    • Developing and improving policies, processes, systems and guidance that support excellence in teaching and learning.

  • ASQ Team

Regulations, Policies and Committees

External Examiners

Collaborative Provision

Monitoring and Review

Programme Design and Approval

Student Engagement and External Reference Points