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Principles, Policies and Guidelines

Statements of Principles

The University has a range of Statements of Principles which inform and guide all core areas of its activities and undertakings. Principles relating to Academic Quality, Standards and Conduct activities include:

  • The Principles for Learning, Teaching and Assessment summarise the values upholding all learning, teaching and assessment for all undergraduate and postgraduate full-time and part-time degree programmes at Lancaster University.
  • The Student Support Principles summarise Lancaster University’s policy on student support for students registered on its undergraduate and postgraduate full-time and part-time degree programmes.

Policies in Summary

The University has a number of policies and guidelines related to the Manual of Academic Regulations and Procedures.

  • The Admissions Policy outlines our core commitments with respect to entry, admissions, registration, feedback, appeals and complaints, monitoring and review.
  • The Student Attendance and Engagement Policy sets out expectations in relation to students' engagement with their studies.
  • The Peer Observation Policy outlines the minimum principles that should be adopted by departments to support their own peer observation systems and procedures.
  • The Placements Policy offers support and guidance to staff responsible for managing and facilitating university work placements.

Frameworks and Guidelines