Engagement learning and development portal

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Engagement is central to the University’s strategic plan and its values. By engaging with others, we use our collective knowledge and expertise as a force for good, creating positive economic, cultural, societal and environmental change and the aim of the portal is to give you the engagement resources you need to make this happen

A quote from Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Engagement, Sarah Kemp

Navigating the Portal

There are six sections to the portal, a summary of each is shown opposite. The portal was launched in October 2023. In its first iteration the primary focus is to support academics and researchers carrying out engagement, but parts should be of interest to professional services staff, particularly anyone working in knowledge exchange. There is a wealth of resources within the portal and the intention is that the resources can be browsed and accessed when needed. The resources will be added to and updated over time. We value feedback and suggestions. Please do get in touch using the email at the bottom of the page.

Engagement Explained

This section looks at the interrelationship of the three strategic priorities of teaching, research and engagement. The different types of engagement and their benefits are explained. Frameworks including the Knowledge Exchange Framework and Concordat are explored.

Carrying out Engagement

Here you are taken through the process of carrying out effective engagement- defining your purpose and objectives, deciding who you are going to engage with and choosing engagement activities. You will find out why evaluation is important and some guidance to help you.

Skills for Effective Engagement

Communicating research to a non-expert audience is an important skill for effective engagement. Here you will find advice and guidance on this and topics including facilitation skills, organising an engagement event and negotiation skills.

Working with Partners

Engagement involves working with many different partners - businesses, third sector, public bodies, policymakers, the public and communities, media and stakeholders. This section provides advice and guidance for working with these partners.

Engage to Further your Career

Engagement can help to advance your career- through developing your transferable skills, building your research profile, and applying for academic promotion. The ways in which engagement can offer new opportunities are explored through case studies.

Support for Engagement

The University has central support for engagement as well as support available in departments and the faculties. This is detailed here alongside information on funding your engagement. Networks, mailing lists, FAQs and a glossary are available for you here.

Talking heads- our staff supporting others to carry out engagement

A number of staff have shared their learning in carrying out engagement through a talking head video. These are shown in the gallery below and are embedded in appropriate sections within the portal.

If you have experience of engagement that would be valuable to share with others then please do get in touch on the email below.