Conor O'Callaghan

Senior Lecturer

Research Overview

I am from Dundalk in Ireland. I taught at several different universities in the United States, including Villanova University in Pennsylvania, Wake Forest University in North Carolina and Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. I tutor on the creative writing DLMA.

As I writer, I began in poetry and have recently gravitated towards prose fiction. I have published five collections of poems, a football memoir and a Gothic novella. A second novel, We Are Not in the World, is due from Doubleday in February 2021. I am interested in the relationship between narrative and time. I am interested, also, in the space between poetry and prose. My most recent poetry collection, Live Streaming, includes a fragmentary prose collage about my late father.

The History of Rain (poems, Gallery Press, 1993) Seatown (poems, Gallery Press, 1999) Red Mist: Roy Keane & Ireland's Football Civil War (memoir, Bloomsbury, 2004) Fiction (poem, Gallery Press, 2005) The Sun King (poem, Gallery Press, 2013) Nothing on Earth (novel, Doubleday Ireland, 2016) Live Streaming (poems, Gallery Press, 2017) We Are Not in the World (novel, Doubleday UK, 2021)

Selected Publications

The sun king
O'Callaghan, C. 2013 Oldcastle : Gallery Press. 69 p. ISBN: 9781852355487.

  • Creative Writing
  • Gothic and Science Fiction