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Postgraduate Community

Postgraduate Community

All departments, institutes and centres in the Faculty have a lively, postgraduate culture. Most departments run regular reading groups, seminar series and other events, at which either guest speakers or local staff and graduate students present papers.

These are often on interdisciplinary themes and all postgraduate students are encouraged to attend. Postgraduate students are strongly encouraged by the Faculty and the individual departments to run their own events both of an academic and social nature.

Postgraduate study need not be firmly tied to a student's undergraduate degree. Many seek an opportunity to explore a new discipline or an interdisciplinary area at the interface of several disciplines, to sharpen their research skills before tackling an ambitious PhD topic or to undertake a professional course to deepen their understanding of their field of work by engaging in advanced study, reflection and research. Whatever the reasons for studying for a higher degree, the Faculty is committed to supporting all its postgraduate students throughout their studies and beyond.

Student life at Lancaster is organised around a number of colleges, which both act as halls of residence and provide key social, educational and pastoral support to students. All postgraduate students are automatically members of the Graduate College, and this provides a valuable "home", whether you live on or off campus.



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