Andrew Walmsley

PhD student

Research Overview

Working PhD title:'The 'Mexico' Lifeboat Monument, St. Anne's on the Sea: a Symbol for a New Seaside Town and a Touchstone for Memorialization Culture'

In examining this monument at St Anne’s on the Sea, Lancashire to a lifeboat crew who lost their lives in a disaster of December 1886 I am exploring unresearched or under-researched subject areas:

  • Monuments memorials and memorialization as a focal point for social and economic development and community identity in a local setting.
  • Heroism and ‘Everyday Heroism’.
  • The work of the sculptor, William Birnie Rhind and how it is placed within artistic and cultural frameworks.
  • How Rhind’s monument should be interpreted as a civic monument, a lifeboat monument and within wider frameworks of memorialization.