AHRC Grey Zone Warfare workshop at Lancaster Castle

Participants in the Grey Zone Warfare workshop in front of Lancaster Castle gatehouse.
From left to right: Wicky Tse, Andrew Dennis, Bruno Cardoso Reis, David Parrott, Marco Wyss, Hew Strachan, Gunhild Hoogensen Gjørv, Huw Bennett, Jenny Benham, Amy Stanning, Johanne Marie Skov, Samuël Kruizinga, Sophie Ambler, Alexandra Pomiecko.

On Friday 12 June 2023, CWD Director Professor Marco Wyss and Dr Samuël Kruizinga from the University of Amsterdam ran the first workshop for their AHRC Network project “Into the Grey: Grey Zone Warfare in Past, Present, and Future” at Lancaster Castle.

Grey zone warfare has been identified as a key strategic challenge of the 21st century, but it is a nebulous concept. This project therefore aims to provide clarity by characterising grey zone warfare in order to develop understanding of the present and most likely future of warfare. In order to do this, Prof. Wyss and Dr Kruizinga have developed a network to study cross-chronological cases, develop and refine a typology, and test the future policy applicability of grey zone warfare.

Read more about the network's research on the project website.

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