Launch of Lancaster’s Digital Humanities Centre

Audience listening to Professor Gregory speak at the launch of the DH Centre.

We’re delighted to announce the launch of Lancaster’s newly minted Digital Humanities Centre. An official launch event took place on 26 October, bringing together staff from across the University as well as Prof David Bodenhamer, Professor of History and Informatics at Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis, USA.

In addition to Prof Bodenhamer, who gave the plenary lecture, the launch event featured presentations by the Centre’s co-directors, Profs Ian Gregory and Patricia Murrieta-Flores (History), as well as members of the Centre’s Steering Committee and others including:

  • Prof Jonathan Culpeper (Linguistics & English Language)
  • Prof Paul Rayson (Computing & Communications)
  • Prof Sharon Ruston (English Literature & Creative Writing)
  • Prof Richard Rushton (Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts)
  • Tom Shaw and Elaine Sykes (Lancaster University Library)

Reflecting on the launch event, Prof Gregory said, 'the key point about DH is that it needs to be highly interdisciplinary and collaborative taking expertise from across the humanities and from disciplines such as computer science, data science and linguistics. The aim of the Centre is to provide a space where these disparate disciplines can meet and develop new projects.'

Prof Murrieta-Flores added, 'we have seen the DH community substantially grow in the past few years at Lancaster, and we are thrilled to welcome our new staff this year and see so many different topics, interests and disciplines now drawn together at the DH Centre.'

The Digital Humanities Centre brings together internationally recognised centres of excellence in the spatial humanities, corpus linguistics and natural language processing (NLP), and combines these with broad expertise across the digital humanities as a whole.

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