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Lancaster University Technician Website

Our University has signed up to the Technician Commitment which is a university and research institution initiative, led by a steering group of sector bodies, with support from the Science Council and the Technicians Make It Happen campaign.

Technicians Commitment Action Plan, action plan for the next 3 years. We are currently halfway through year 1. It details what the steering group have planned and the progress from the University.

Technicians At Lancaster University

There are over 100 technician's at Lancaster University, with a wide variety in their roles it is not uncommon to have technical staff in each department. This pie chart shows the departments in which our technician's work.

2.8% Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
12.2% Faculty of Health and Medicine
70.1% Faculty of Science and Technology
0.9% Facilities
14% Information Systems Services

Technician Forum Dates

  • Technicians Christmas meet up - Fylde Bar 19.12.19 3pm

    Technicians Christmas meet up


    All technicians invited for the annual informal Christmas catch up with mince pies of course, organised by OED.


    Fylde Bar

    Thursday 19th December 3pm


    Please register so we have enough mince pies

  • Wednesday 8th January 2020 12noon - 4pm LEC Tours


    Date for your diary - LEC Tours 8th January 2020, 12 – 4pm (times to be confirmed closer to the date).

    LEC have invited all our technical staff to come and visit the department for a free lunch and tours of the laboratories, workshops and interesting areas,

    This will be a great opportunity to network with your fellow technical staff and have a look around the department.

    More information to follow closer to the time.




  • March 2020 BLS Tours




    BLS will host the next forum in March 2020.

    This will be the chance to see what the BLS technicians work on and a chance for them to showcase their work.

Technician Commitment Progress


Initial Meetings and allocation of steering group to represent all areas of technical members

12th September 2018


The Vice-Chancellor and Head of HR Paul Boustead have signed the technicians commitment

1st May 2019


Steering group meeting to discuss action plan.

Group Members are:

Chair: Richard Haley (Physics) Assistant Dean Level, John Dwyer (FHM) Initiator, Annette Robinson (HR), Andy Quin (FST Technical Director), Jayne May FST HR Partner, Jessica Fisher (Engineering) Apprentice Representation, Tim Gregson (LEC) Union Representation, Trevor Renninson (Facilities), Helen Quirk (Chemistry) Superintendent, Elizabeth Shaw (BLS) BLS Faculty Representation, Stephanie Sims (FASS) FASS Faculty Representation, Jennie Williams (HR) Administrator.


Steering Group meeting 26th June 2019

Discussion of which actions will be year 1, 2 or 3 and how the steering group will implement them.

One of the first actions is the new Technician Website due to be launched October 2019, this will hold information specifically for our technical staff to view.

The Technician website was launched on Wednesday 30th October 2019, at the first Technician Forum of this academic year.

The website is now live and can be found in the AtoZ on the intranet or here.

Technician in the spotlight

Awards Won by Technical Staff

Technical Support in Psychological Research 2018

Well done to Barrie Usherwood, Electronics- Research Technician in Psychology for his award in 'Technical Support in Psychological Research 2018'.




Apprentice of the Year Staff Award 2019



Jessica (Mehers) Fisher, (Engineering) has won Lancaster's first Apprentice of the Year award in this years staff awards for her outstanding contribution to her department. 

Papin Prize 2019

The presentation of the ‘Papin Prizes’ at HETS 2019 which celebrate the skills, talents and experience of technicians throughout Higher Education in the UK and Ireland. The big news from this is that John Baum (Chemistry) was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Prize.

Other Technician Awards

There are many different awards that could be won by our technical staff, have a look at the link and nominate yourself or a colleague.

Other Technician Awards Page

What have the technicians been up to?

Gas Cylinder Safety Training



On 27th June 2019 a group of our technical staff completed gas cylinder safety training, this involved what's new, a refresher on technical principles associated with the safe use of cylinders, and a practical session including the safe movement of gas bottles and connecting to a regulator safely.

Gas Safety Training

Higher Education Technician's Summit 2019


On 25th June, 7 technicians from the Faculty joined over 600 technical colleagues from across the UK Higher Education sector at the Higher Education Technical Summit (HETS), which was held at Birmingham University. 

Sustainable Labs Workshop

CryoUsers Conference 2019

On 27th - 29th August, Physics technicians - Martin Ward, Graham Chapman, Reece Grimshaw, and Phelton Stevenson attended the CryoUsers Conference at the University of St. Andrews. They attended talks on equipment, industrial projects and safety requirements and found it very informative.

IOSH Training

Our technical staff have recently completed the IOSH - Managing Safely 3 day course on 10th - 12th September 2019. 

The course was hosted by M|E|H Consultants

This course aims to improve health and safety awareness in the workplace.

Well done to Nas Aktar, John Crosse, Phelton Stephenson

Radiation Spillage Exercise

A group of our technicians, mainly from Engineering and LEC completed the Radiation Spillage Excercise on the 13th September 2019, the main aim for this was to test procedures that are in place to deal with a spillage of a radioactive substance, the excercise was completed successfully.

The training was given by Alan Deane and Sophie Hulley from the Safety Office.

Institute of Science and Technology Conference 2019 Birmingham

On 18th September 2019, a group of Technicians travelled to Birmingham for the annual IST conference. They attended workshops related to the technicians commitment research areas such as hydrogen fuel cell trains, how to love your pH electrode. They listened to the keynote speakers including Helen Sharman - the IST President's time in space and the importance of technicians in that journey.

Science Council Workshop

IET’s Particle Accelerator event

Nick Renninson (Engineering) presented at the IET’s Particle Accelerator event on Friday 27th September 2019. Nick spoke about the new advanced high accuracy CNC machining that he is using in the Engineering department. 

Well done Nick!

Click the link to read more.

Nick Renninson IET Event 27.09.19

Technician Forum 30.10.19

On Wednesday 30th October, the technicians met for a networking lunch and launch of the technician website.

Rich Haley opened the session with updates of the progress of the Technician Commitment.

Useful Institutions

  • IST

    Institute of Science and Technology

    The professional body for technical staff, specialists and technical managers working across a broad range of sectors and disciplines.


  • HEaTED

    Higher Education and Technician's Educational Development (HEaTED) is the UK's leading provider of professional development and networking opportunities for all disciplines of the technical workforce. 

  • Technicians Make It Happen

    Technicians Make it Happen is geared towards inspiring young people and explaining to the adults in their lives, such as parents and teachers, that the career of a technician can have boundless opportunities. Their aim is to reveal how technicians work in virtually every sector and industry in the country – and if you are naturally analytical, practical and a real problem-solver, it’s very likely that a technician career could be ideal.

  • Midlands Innovation

    Midlands Innovation is a world-class research and innovation partnership, combining the collective excellence of leading universities in the heart of the UK. We unite the power of university research with the unique strengths of the Midlands industry to drive cutting-edge research, innovation and skills development.

  • Science Council

    The Science Council provides the quality assurance system for those working in science. We set the standards for professional registration for practising scientists and science technicians across all scientific disciplines. Through our Licensed Bodies we admit to our registers scientists and science technicians who meet our competence and conduct requirements and commit to Continuing Professional Development. Those scientists who reach the required standards are recognised by the following designations CSci, CSciTeach, RSci and RSciTech.

New Technical Staff

Welcome to our new starters, please make the effort to say hello and help when they need it.

Hazardous Waste Collection Dates

Hazardous waste is collected by Avanti now called Tradebe, 4 times per year. Contact your department rep if you have any queries or have any waste to add to the collection.

Chemistry: Helen Quirk/Nas Aktar

Physics: Steve Holden

LEC: Sam Jones

Engineering: Jess Fisher

Large image of technicians safety glasses in a workshop

Contact a Technician

We have created a spreadsheet to collate all the technical roles within our university to a central location, including job title, department and email address'.

We have 110 technicians so far on campus!

Tech Email List Link

There are anything between 1.5 and 2.2 million people working in the UK whose jobs fit the criteria of technician

(TMIH June 2019)


Average salary of a job in the UK

(TMIH June 2019)


Average Salary of a Research Laboratory Technician

(TMIH June 2019)