Athena Swan

In the Department of Languages and Cultures we are all committed to work towards the advancement of gender equality: representation, progression and success for all. We have an active Equality, Diversity and Inclusion committee, committed to working towards equality in other aspects of life. 

We are part of the University-wide effort to encourage and nurture gender equality and diversity in Higher Education.  We are working towards a Bronze Athena SWAN award.

As part of the self-assessment process involved in the Bronze Award, we are currently undertaking a survey of all staff (academic, professional support, full-time, part-time, fixed-term etc.) in order to gain as much data and feedback as possible in preparation for the submission.

We are also consulting with students, who will receive a specialised survey of their own and take part in focus groups. 

For more information about DeLC's Athena Swan work, please contact Emily Spiers or Colette Webb.

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