Dr Emily Spiers

Lecturer in Creative Futures

Research Overview

Emily Spiers is Lecturer in Creative Futures. Her work focuses on future-oriented, innovative trends in communicative and literary practices. She explores how futures are being envisaged, anticipated and made through art and literature -- and how creative narratives can help articulate multiple futures in fields as diverse as defence, education and climate change.

Her research into authorship focuses on spoken-word poetry as an aesthetic and political practice, and as a world literary phenomenon. Underpinning her work is the question of how, through the presence of the author-performer, performance poetry foregrounds the question of agency in relation to literature: the active shaping of a world in time that literature carries out.

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Selected Publications Show all 13 publications

"There's no lobby for girls in pop": writing the performative pop-feminist subject
Spiers, E. 04/2015 In: German pop literature. Berlin : De Gruyter
Chapter (peer-reviewed)

The long march through the institutions: from Alice Schwarzer to pop-feminism and the new German girls
Spiers, E. 03/2014 In: Oxford German Studies. 43, 1, p. 69-88. 20 p.
Journal article

"Alpha-Maedchen sind wir alle": subjectivity, agency and solidarity in Anglo-American and German pop-feminist writing
Spiers, E. 2012 In: Angermion: Yearbook for Anglo-German Literary Criticism, Intellectual History and Cultural Transfers. 5, p. 191-218. 29 p.
Journal article