Sascha Stollhans

Senior Teaching Associate in German Studies


  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • German Language Convenor (Part I, second year intensive, and final year)
  • International Placement Year Tutor for German
  • Schools Engagement and Outreach Lead
  • Communications, Web and Social Media Lead
  • Member of the departmental EDI (Equality, Diversity & Inclusion) Committee
  • Academic Director of the Global Summer School "International Cultural Experience"

Academic interests:

  • Germanic and Romance languages and linguistics, in particular German, English and French
  • Second language acquisition
  • Innovations in language teaching and learning, e.g. technology-enhanced learning, gamification, online assessment and feedback
  • Translation practice, in particular translation software and machine translation
  • Linguistic variation and 'non-standard' language (e.g. in language education and online communication)
  • Language, gender and sexuality (e.g. gender and LGBTQ+ representation in language learning materials)
  • Educational policy, the role of languages in curricula and policy-making

I am currently co-leading the German strand of the national 'Linguistics in Modern Foreign Languages' project, alongside Dr Anna Havinga (Bristol). The project, led by Prof. Michelle Sheehan (Anglia Ruskin), assesses the potential for the inclusion of linguistics in the Secondary Education MFL curriculum.

I am very interested in cross-sector work to promote language learning in the UK. Dr Elena Polisca and I have led a project funded by the "Language Acts and Worldmaking" strand of the AHRC Open World Research Initiative, which explored transitions and collaborations between different education sectors, and culminated in a national conference.

In 2017, I organised a public exhibition and a workshop for academics and school teachers under the heading "The World of Language, Languages of the World", funded by the ESRC as part of its Festival of Social Science. Recent media contributions include an appearance on the Language Revolution Podcast to discuss language policy and transitions in language education, an interview with LBC Radio about language teaching and learning in the UK and in Europe, an article in The Conversation about languages in the British education systems, and an interview with The Guardian for an article about the German education system.

Linguistic variation in language learning classrooms: considering the role of regional variation and ‘non-standard’ varieties
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Working paper

The Language Revolution Podcast, Episode 19: Why study languages at university?
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Digital or Visual Products

Podcast "Digital Education Practices: What works?", Episode 5: Personal connections: how audiovisual feedback increases students’ understanding
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Contribution to episode 8 of the #MFLtwitterati Podcast: Celebrating the voices of the modern language teaching community
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Digital or Visual Products

English is not enough – British children face major disadvantage when it comes to language skills
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Other contribution

Ask a linguist: "Is English the only European language to have tag questions?"
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The perfect tense
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Other contribution

Parliament Square, Royal Exchange Theatre, reviewed by Sascha Stollhans
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Book/Film/Article review

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Journal article

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