11 October 2018

My name is Cyrille Rollet, and I am a Teaching Associate in French. In DeLC, I teach French language classes, and I am also the Director of the Resource centre.

In this role, I aim to promote language and culture through cultural encounters, films and other media.

Personally, I absolutely love grammar and linguistics, and in fact, this ‘technical’ side of language is the part I find the most fascinating.

I am interested in developing teaching and learning materials. For instance, I have written a visual guide to conjugating French verbs with a former student of mine, which – I hope – will help people improve their learning experience of French. My second passion is sport, and I have tried to develop Franco-British relations through sport, e.g. by organising meetings and sports competitions. I also do a lot of public talking about sport such as the role of women in the Olympic movement. I have collaborated with the media on different projects, mainly around sports in the UK and their relations to French speakers. For that purpose, I have conducted interviews, interpreted questions and answers by journalists, and edited videos for use on both French and British TV.

Personally, I believe in a multicultural society where you can learn from people and share your culture with them. I love travelling and meeting people! Please feel free to knock on my door for anything French-related or otherwise!

I am also the Resource Centre representative this year: if you would like to volunteer please do not hesitate to contact me.