1 May 2018
An insight into my life for the next 10 months as I tackle living and studying in southern Spain as a typical northerner from England

My name is Charlotte and I’m currently on my Year Abroad with Lancaster University on a degree in Spanish Studies with Italian. I’ve been based in Andalucía in southern Spain for the whole year as an Erasmus+ student at the University of Granada. My blog is a simple and fun way to keep track of the things I get up to, to share any photos I take, and it allows my friends and family to see how I live here. I initially started blogging as a way to cope with anxiety and homesickness, which helped me immensely in the beginning as it gave me structure and kept me occupied. I also aim to do some end of year posts on how the Year Abroad has changed me, initial fears and worries, and some tips and advice for others who will be going on a Year Abroad.

You can read Charlotte's blog here.