11 December 2017
Lancaster student Beth Hamilton (MLang Hons: French and German) was awarded a DAAD Scholarship to participate in an international summer course offered by the Universität Tübingen in August 2017.

From the moment we arrive at university to pursue a language degree we are encouraged to do whatever we can to extend our cultural and linguistic knowledge. If it wasn’t difficult enough to find time during our studies to squeeze in that extra bit of vocab learning or to read the article that the lecturer recommended last week, seldom is it that we can truly expose ourselves to the language and its culture without paying an extortionate amount to travel and live in the respective country. The DAAD scholarship provides this opportunity. I was fortunate enough to receive a scholarship at the beginning of 2017 which allowed me to participate in an international summer course offered by the Universität Tübingen from the 1st until the 26th August. Despite having to follow a relatively long process at the beginning, the unforgettable experiences and people you will encounter are worth every second dedicated to personal statements, language tests and Lebensläufe (don’t worry you only have to do one of each!). The course I selected had been described as an intercultural course, whereby the participants not only attended 5 hours of German lessons every weekday, but also had the chance to participate in cultural activities and excursions provided by the university for free! At the time this offer seemed too good to be true, but the course far surpassed all of my expectations. From punting on the River Neckar, to excursions to Bayern and the birthplace of Schiller as well as wine tastings, my level of German also improved by leaps and bounds! The classes were interactive and engaging and when I wasn’t in the classroom, my friends and I explored Tübingen, rented bikes for the day and organised trips to Heidelberg and the castle I could see from my kitchen window! I cannot begin to express my thanks for even hearing about this wonderful scheme and I would encourage all those who want to expand upon their German and become fully immersed in German culture to apply.