23 May 2016

Prancing around the room

So I was at primary school today which was b-r-i-l-l-i-a-n-t. Nothing better than wearing a witches hat and dancing around the classroom teaching the words bat, skeleton and vampire of a group of excited 6 year olds who almost burst when I brought out a bag of sweets.

I spoke to Gonzalo today who told me how rough it was living so far away from his sister who he barely sees. I asked him where she lived thinking he was going to say Mongolia or something… he said Almendralejo… 15 minutes away.

urm… muy bien, muy muy bien…

After school and two private lessons, I got picked up by Chus for parents evening. I memorized what I was supposed to say, confidently walking into the theatre instantly freezing as I stood facing a room of serious looking parents.

The teachers of the bilingual section took it in turns to speak at an incomprehensible speed. Completely confused and overcome by nerves I somehow made it through a terrible speech of what my role was.After a ton more speaking from the others, me relieved I didn’t have to speak anymore, suddenly the staff and parents look at me expectantly… I was so lost so turned to Maria Jesus who told me quickly that I needed to tell the parents about what I thought of the English level of the 2Bach students. Due to the fact I was terrified the only words I could think of were “bien, muy muy bien” (luckily the parents found this endearing and giggled as I went bright red in the face)

Nieves Wednesday and Language blocks

I reckon other people doing the whole living abroad thing will understand, but sometimes you will hit a stage where you cannot understand anymore of the language, like your brain just gives up. People will say the simplest thing to you and however hard you try, you just stare back at them blankly hoping they will repeat in English.

Nieves joined us at the bar and I just couldn’t understand her, in the end I accepted defeat bought some popcorn from the chino (which wasn’t popcorn as I badly read the package) and went to bed.

Needing a weekend muchly,

Em x

Looking forward to Friday!

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