Latest Staff Blogs

  • A Whistleblower’s Archive: General José Francisco Gallardo’s Documents at the CAMeNA

    The collection E at the CAMeNA was donated by Brigadier General José Francisco Gallardo, who blew the whistle on abuses by the Mexican army. Gallardo was persecuted, and imprisoned for eight years. He sets an example on dissent and resistance from a position of entanglement within a powerful institution.

  • Facets of Knowledge and Experience: Donated Documentary Collections at the CAMeNA

    The third post in the series on The Aliveness of Memory at the CAMeNA in Mexico City introduces the three documentary collections assembled in Fund D, ‘Donations’. Donated by Carlos Fazio, Raquel Gutiérrez and Hector Salinas, the collections cover topics such as state terrorism, armed resistance movements, political imprisonment, and the 1988 elections in Mexico.

  • What brought Marion to DeLC?

    The summer after I finished my studies in German Language, Literature and Philosophy, I found myself in Cambridge doing an English course to refresh and improve my language skills. I had been to the UK before, but never for a long period of time. I remember thinking "Yes, I could live here."

  • This is the toxic myth at the heart of female movie reboots

    The seemingly empowering message of these all-female remakes and superhero productions is that women can do anything men can do. However, just because the films and TV shows feature predominantly women, or a female lead protagonist, it does not mean that they are feminist.

  • Gregorio Selser's Obstinate Pursuit of Curiosity: His Research and Personal Archive and Documents at the CAMeNA

    The collections A, B and C at the CAMeNA consist of Gregorio Selser's research archive, compiled between 1938 and 2008, and his personal documents. Both show his obstinate pursuit of a curiosity and a sense of social responsibility that placed him in the middle of the struggles and upheavals of his times.

  • "Hallo!” from Sascha, our new Senior Teaching Associate in German Studies

    In DeLC, I co-ordinate the German language teaching and the German year abroad. So far, I’ve been absolutely impressed with our students – they are all such inspiring and keen linguists.

  • From Latin to Latin American Cultural Studies (or, no hay bien que por mal no venga)

    I like to think that the non-conformist, rebellious streak of my youth has been tempered by a more serious, and yet, no less energetic and passionate engagement with contemporary Latin American and Iberian art, culture and politics.

  • Money, Muscle, and Meditation: Transnational Chinese Masculinities in Film

    Filmic masculinities evince the dreams and anxieties of entire generations. Against the backdrop of a confident and economically powerful China, this blog discusses the diverse masculinities portrayed in three recent Chinese box office hits, and shows the inseparability of masculinity, consumption, nationalism, and cultural identity in China’s post-socialist modernity.

  • Gender Trouble

    Why are people murdered because of their gender expression? And beaten up, derided, and discriminated against? What is it about non-normative gender expression that is so threatening?